Art Critics

  • The high standard of acting lets Kidz focus on bringing life to the role not simply learning the lines, while singing has been coached and practised into a fabulous and joyful theatre-filling wonder with choreography and dancing adding exciting movement and coordination to a great show brilliantly performed… Get along, enjoy the show and let your friends know!
    John Hancock, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Summer 2014)
  • The performances [of JCS] are so good that I could venture this to be Kidz R Us best yet. That though would be unfair to hundreds of youngsters who have poured their performing hearts into so many Kidz productions. Nevertheless, it’s an outstanding staging of the show.
    And, in St Ives Theatre, the audience is within touching distance of the stage, not so much watching as experiencing great theatre.
    Timothy J Howe’s production is inspired and inspiring. Do get along to see this show, it is an amazing evening out.


    John Hancock (St Ives Times & Echo) Reviewing Jesus Christ Superstar (Summer 2016)
  • Faultless singing and choreography drove the spectacle relentlessly as laughs, followed laughs with Kidz natural gift for comedic timing lifting the very best entertainment value from an already great script and story.
    John Hancock reviewing Jungle Book (Summer 2016)


  • My 7 year old had her best theatre experience to date watching the Jungle Book here in St Ives last night. The kids are truly amazing, and I’m not just being nice because they’re kids, they totally blew us away! Final touch was my daughter getting to meet them outside when the performance has finished. If you’re in St Ives on holiday just book it! Second thoughts, St Ives is amazing anyway so just come here AND see a show while you’re at it!
  • The energy is super-charged and top-notch production values mean that yet again, these youngsters put other professional productions in the shade, with every cast member giving it their all – and a live (yes, live!) band makes this an incredible evening’s entertainment and great value for money. It was clear that everyone performing and watching loved every minute, and we couldn’t wait to join the well-deserved standing ovation.
    Audience member, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Summer 2014)
  • I brought my daughter to see Disney’s The Little Mermaid last week, first time I’d been to a Kidz R Us show and I absolutely loved it! (As did she of course!) We were completely spellbound the whole show and she is still talking about it a week later (she’s three so that’s no small compliment!). The children in the show were fabulous, such confidence and stage presence! A massive, massive well done and thank you for a wonderful show.
    Audience member, Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Summer 2014)
  • Wow wow wow!!! No need to go to The West End to watch a show packed with fantastic vocals, heaps of laughs and an unbelievable amount of talent. Each character was completely unique and each moment completely polished and hilarious!! Well done, I will be spreading the word, this show deserves to be full every night!
  • My son and I have just seen tonight’s performance of Grease and we both loved it – we couldn’t help but sing along. As we left and walked up the road, we listened to what others were saying about the show, and everyone was saying: ‘fantastic’, ‘best show so far’, ‘the singing was amazing’, ‘very talented youngsters’.
    Audience member, Grease (Summer 2014)
  • Took my partner to see Jesus Christ Super Star last night, he’d never experienced a Kidz R Us performance before, he was amazed. We both thoroughly enjoyed the show, amazing singing and talent on stage, would highly recommend front row seats in the balcony, we couldn’t of asked for better. The highlight for me was King Herod’s song! The volunteers were all helpful and friendly too, its clear everybody has passion for this place. Well done everyone, I cant wait for our next visit!!
  • We took our children to see this on Sunday night & it was absolutely amazing. Far better than any big production with stars in that we have seen. The young people performing were a real credit to the theatre company. Thank you so much. Hope we can come back again to see a show.
    AUDIENCE MEMBER, Robin Hood (Christmas 2015)

Trip advisor

  • As a local I do support Kids R Us theatre, they never seem to fail, however the production of Jesus Christ Superstar surpassed my expectations, it totally blew me away !! Having seen the show a few times in the west end I knew this show is quite a difficult one to get right, there are many words to fit into fast paced music and omg did they do it !!! Not one note out of place and the lead roles rendition of Gethsemane was quite frankly west end material, he played the role with such conviction. They all did. Credit also has to go to the live orchestra who played every note perfectly, you couldn’t see them, but you knew they were there ! I highly recommend this show, it is beening shown at the regal theatre in Redruth in sept. Go see it, you will get goosebumps ! Once again guys you did it
    AUDIENCE MEMBER, Jesus Christ Superstar (SUMMER 2016)
  • Fantastic show. Completely blown away by the performance the kids delivered, amazing singing, brilliant costumes, an abundance of energy and all the hard work of the volunteers to make this show happen.
    If you are visiting St Ives don’t miss the chance to see a Kidz R Us show.
    Visitor December 2014
  • Tonight I was amazed to experience a group of young people put on a performance that the West End would have been proud of. Jesus Christ Superstar by Kidz R Us of St Ives is one of the best shows I have ever seen! A special mention for the young men who played Jesus and Pilot and a shout out to Peter, Mary M and Judas.
    Why there were empty seats I cannot understand. People need to know that this show is available to them. A super show, a super cast, super music and choreography. Go and see Jesus Christ Superstar, you will not be disappointed!
    AUDIENCE MEMBER, Jesus Christ Superstar (SUMMER 2016)
  • Well what can I say another great performance from Kidz.
    Panto brilliant, well done TJ and all others involved.
    Visitor December 2014
  • We went to see Grease last Easter and were really impressed by the performance. It was a really fun evening, so we decided to watch Joseph in the summer, too. It was amazing! The choreography, costumes, set and singing were all first class. Then we heard that they were also performing The Little Mermaid with a younger group, so we took our daughter along and she loved every minute. This is a really talented theatre company and they are definitely worth a visit whenever you are in St Ives. Don’t miss it!
    Visitor July 2014
  • We have just returned from Kidz R Us after an amazing experience – their version of the musical Grease. It was a wonderful evening and the professionalism of the whole cast was absolutely breathtaking and easily as good as any production you would see in the West End.
    The costumes were colourful and so professionally made, a credit to the ladies who made them.
    We live in Penzance so it is easy for us to make a return visit, which we intend to do VERY SOON. But if you are on holiday and want a fabulous evening out, go to Kidz R Us at St Ives Theatre – you will not be disappointed.

    Visitor August 2014
  • Just saw Kidz R Us performing some of the dance sequences from this year’s pantomime. Easily as good as a professional show. They need to be seen to be believed.
    Visitor December 2014
  • Just got my tickets for their panto, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Looking forward to it as I saw their summer show The Little Mermaid. It was absolutely wonderful – nothing amateur about the production. It was so good we saw it twice!
    Visitor August 2014
  • We went to see this fantastic show on a wet Monday evening and were so glad we did ! The kids were outstanding and the costumes were fabulous. If you are in St Ives with young children you should not miss this show,they will love it! My 9 year old grandson cannot wait to join a theatre group when he gets back! A brilliant evening in a lovely intimate theatre. Well done to all ,your performance was a joy to watch!